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Mcmillen X1975 Auger Drive

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Sale Price: $3,012.00
Rent Daily: $108.00
Rent Weekly: $323.00
Rent Monthly: $1,012.00

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Specifications & Description

FEATURES:  Universal mount skid steer bracket included! Max diameter 36", min/max hydraulic flow 15/30 GPM  (bit in photo not included)

Manufacturer Mcmillen
Model X1975
Location Syracuse, NY 13204
Condition Used
Stock Numbers 922, 1206, 1207
Fits to Model POSI-TRACK 1000, POSI-TRACK 2710, POSI-TRACK 4500, POSI-TRACK 4520, POSI-TRACK 4520T, POSI-TRACK 4812, POSI-TRACK HD2800, POSI-TRACK HD4520T, POSI-TRACK HD4870, POSI-TRACK HD70, POSI-TRACK HD9500, POSI-TRACK MD2810T, POSI-TRACK MD2820T, POSI-TRACK MD4520T, POSI-TRACK MD70T, 1074, 1075, 1075C, 1080, 1080B, 1080C, 2000, 2410, 360, 363, 433, 473, 500, 763G, 773F, 873F, 873G, 970, 1285B, 1485C, 1513, 1545C, 1731, 1818A, 1825C, 1825D, 1825G, 1834, 1834B, 1835D, 1835E, 1835G, 1836, 1838C, 1840A, 1840B, 1840D, 1841, 1845E, 1845F, 1845L, 1850E, 1853B, 1858, 1940, 1984C, 3300B, 4140, 70 XTE, 70 XTHF, 70 XTHVAC, 743B, 85 XT II, 85 XTHF, 853, 95 XT II, 95 XTHF, 226D, 266B, 268, 272, RC30ASV, 125H, 24D, 27C, 323DT, 3720, CT319, L24AH, L24AJ, L24AK, L90H, 1553, 1555, 225, 255, 425, 445, 445C, 4475, 454, 455, 455D, 485, 553, 553L, 555, 555K, 555L, 565, 665, 753, 755, 775, 775D, 778, 781, 783, 785, 785C, 785M, 865, 885, L115, L130, L35SS, L451, L485, L55, L552, L556, L55E, L583, L665, L685, L773, L777, L78, L799, L885, LS130, LS156, LS170S, LS180S, LS185, LS190HF, LS190S, LS280, LT185, LX170, LX190, LX255, LX385, LX553, LX555D, LX565S, LX585, LX620, LX660, LX665F, LX665LC, LX685, LX765, LX783, LX785, LX855, LX863, LX886, LX895, LX985S

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  • We rent our equipment until it sells. PLEASE, double check the current hours. The advertised hours may be different than the exact current hours.
  • Our pictures are taken when the machine is initially prepped for sale. If you have any concerns with current condition of tires, paint, etc, please request fresh photos. We LOVE taking close ups of specific items and parts of our machines. We have nothing to hide, and love to prove it!
  • Videos with audio are also available upon request.
  • If you would like a 3rd party inspection, we can provide you with a list of 5-6 friendly competitive dealers in town that can send a mechanic over to do an inspection.

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