Construction Equipment Sales - FAQs

What happens if there is accidental damage to the equipment?

Normal wear and tear is included in the rental rates. Accidental damage is paid for by the renter, or the renter's insurance company. We only do business with contractors/municipalities that have "rented equipment insurance and general liability insurance." Equipment theft would also fall under the renter's insurance and/or responsibility.

What steps do you take to prepare a piece of equipment for rent/sale?

We have numerous check-in sheets and procedures that are standard operating procedures. Our technicians are trained how to fill them out. We check machines in when we buy them, when we sell them, after they come back from rent, and before they go out for rent. Every step of the way, there is a printed checklist that machines get.

Why should I go with Clark Equipment Rental & Sales?

Clark Equipment responds faster and has more customized customer service. We get to know our individual customers needs and wants, where they are from, and what they like. Our girls in the office even get to know your kids, girlfriends, & wives names! Larger competitors can't match our customization. And smaller competitors don't have the resources to keep up.

Do you sell parts?

We don't specialize in selling parts. There are other who specialize in selling parts, do a better job and are better equipped than us. We aren't afraid to admit it. But, we will source parts if the customer wants us. For people who have purchased machines from us, we will sell parts to support them. We will also provide service, and technical assistance to rental and machine sale customers.

Do you provide Reconditioning services?

Currently, we do not provide reconditioning services for customers. We do recondition our own equipment, but not customer equipment. We will service customer's equipment we have sold them, but not equipment that other vendors have sold. Unless, of course, the customer really wants us to. But it is not one of our core competencies. We are good at renting, & selling.

Why should I rent from you?

Our rates are competitive, our equipment is reliable, and we customize our offerings to our customers in a way that our competitors can't or don't.

Why should I buy from you?

The entire time a machine is in our possession, it goes through a checklist as it's status changes; when it is purchased, rented, or sold. There are a lot of gray areas in used equipment, and equipment in general. We hate call backs from angry customers, it can ruin a day. Clark also buys hundreds of machines a year, from vendors all over the world, so we've experience poor customer service first hand, and try to treat people the way we would like to be treated.

Do you have any career opportunities available?

Not at this time, but we are always accepting applications. Please Contact Us for more information.

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Why Choose Clark Equipment?

The Clark family has been in this business for three generations now and we've seen it all. We know what you want and that's a quality machine that's job-site ready the moment you buy it. We have the fastest turnaround time and work around your needs better than any larger competitor. We're committed to building confidence and trust with our customers in order to be the one and only equipment provider you depend on.

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