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Clark Equipment Rental and Sales has been a trusted supplier for bulldozers for sale for over a decade.

Our huge inventory includes trusted bulldozer brands, such as:

  • CAT bulldozers
  • Komatsu bulldozers

We offer both new and used bulldozers for sale. Each of our bulldozers include detailed descriptions on individual product pages, so you can buy confidently knowing exactly what you’re getting.

We have an expansive inventory of new and used bulldozers for sale, including Certified Pre-Owned bulldozers. When you get a bulldozer from Clark Equipment, you also get an available warranty.



Looking for a Bulldozer Rental? Find it Here.

bulldozer rental cat and komatsuIn addition to bulldozers for sale, Clark Equipment provides bulldozers for rent. It’s very common for our customers to need a bulldozer rental. A bulldozer rental is ideal for organizations or individuals who need a bulldozer on a job-by-job basis. Our bulldozer rentals are convenient, affordable, temporary solution that empowers you to get your project done.

Clark Equipment offers bulldozer rentals at daily, weekly, or monthly rates. This makes a bulldozer rental a budget-friendly buy to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a bulldozer for a part of a construction project, or you need a dozer for just a few days or weeks, Clark Equipment can make it happen.



Bulldozers for Sale or Rental from Trusted Brands

When construction crews, professionals and individuals need a bulldozer, they can buy from brands they trust at Clark Equipment. Our inventory includes CAT and Komatsu bulldozers.

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Clark offers the ever so popular CAT bulldozers. When you need a CAT bulldozer for sale or rental, find one that’s right for the job and your budget at Clark Equipment. Clark Equipment offers new and used CAT bulldozers for sale and rent.


komatsu dozers for sale

Our selection also includes Komatsu bulldozers. Browse our Komatsu dozers for sale or rental to discover one that’s the right fit for your needs. Clark Equipment offers new and used Komatsu bulldozers for sale and rent.



What is a Bulldozer?

A Bulldozer, also known as a Dozer, is an extremely powerful machine crawler. The bulldozer is used to push around large amounts of earth soil, sand, debris, rocks, etc. Generally, the bulldozer is mainly used for road building, construction, farming, and even demolition. Bulldozers are extremely bulky and powerful, equipped with a steel blade or plate. This steel blade is placed on the front of the bulldozer. Although the steel blade is pretty common on every dozer, the four wheel drive is not. The bulldozer can come equipped with four wheels (typically used by farmers) or it can be equipped with the track, making it the crawler type. The bulldozer’s steel blade may be lifted up and forced down into the ground by using hydraulics. Typically when using the bulldozer, you will lift the blade up when transporting, force the blade into the ground for digging, and keep the blade at surface level while moving forward for spreading.

The main uses of the bulldozer:

  • Shallow Digging
  • Shallow Ditching
  • Short-range transportation of material
  • Spreading soil
  • Removing trees

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